know us

Demmy was born with the purpose of providing quality, safe, adaptable, comfortable and practical products for you and your pets. Our main values ​​are quality, safety, comfort and closeness.

We give our best offering an unbeatable value for money.

Our main objective is your satisfaction and that our life partners feel really comfortable and safe, since good quality products ensure good control of our pets.

We have our sights set on an excellent brand experience focused on reinforcing your emotional and aesthetic bond.

We come from people who love animals and their well-being, a fact that makes us know what the demands of the moment are and that guarantees us to enjoy and that you enjoy our work.

Our brand comes from a family environment that fills us with pride as we grow and thus form a great Demmy family , passionate about their pets, about fashion and expanding that universe of possibilities so that they create an illusion of being able to have an experience that unites you. even more.

On our Instagram social network, @demmy_oficial , you can also contact us, tag us, send us photos or videos of your pets with our products, etc., we will be happy to share with you!

Thank you for being a part of Demmy!