"The dog is man's best friend". Yes, we fully agree with this phrase, pets and dogs return the love that is given to them multiplied by ten. It is a generator of good energy, health and happiness for us.

You don't have a dog and you don't know whether to have it? Before beginning a new stage in your life, it is important that you think about it carefully since it will be under your responsibility, it is hard work and a commitment for many years. The animals depend totally on you, that you feed them, take them out to exercise or relieve themselves, go to the vet when they are not well or provide them with everything essential to be able to live in conditions (roof, bed, good environment …). An animal is not a toy or a piece of furniture, it is a living being that has feelings, needs and obligations. We have to know how to teach and educate him from a very young age so that he acquires good habits.

If you are sure you have it, we recommend that you first find out about the breeds, its character, what its physical activity is like and if it is compatible with your day-to-day life... Also, find out where you are going to adopt it, if it is a store , an adoption center, a breeder... Go see the facilities and what conditions the animals are in, ask them how they deliver them (vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, vaccination card, contracts). We do not recommend that you catch an animal online without knowing who is behind the screen, there are many platforms that scam. Great care!

Dog Emotions

A study published by Current Biology magazine has explained that dogs understand human emotions and are able to react to sounds, different tones of voice, and also the different ways we act. In other words, if we are having a bad time or if we are shouting with happiness, they will notice and react. The same happens if someone tries to hurt us, they will defend us.

Many pediatricians recommend that parents who have nervous or troubled children welcome an animal into their home as it will provide them with many benefits. Repair your state of mind, you will not feel alone, reduce stress, depression and increase self-esteem.

You have to be clear that, having a dog at home, you will improve the quality of life, you will change and you will fall in love with your pet just like she will with you. We assure you that that feeling and that bond cannot be compared to anything in the world.

That said, let's go with the benefits they bring us:

1. Social life

Going for a walk or exercising forces us to interact, dogs instinctively want to meet other dogs to interact, so you will have no choice but to start a conversation.

2. Happiness generator

Do you know what it's like to come home after being away from home all day and to be greeted by your happy dog ​​wagging its tail and jumping? Just looking at him will infect you with that happiness he has to see you. You come home from work exhausted but your dog greets you giving you kisses. The furry ones make you always stay positive since whatever happens you will always have someone to wait for you when you get home.
Dogs are a perfect company because they are there for us in good times and in bad times, they will never leave you alone.

3. Depression

Dogs help alleviate symptoms of depression. It forces you to get out of the house, get some air and socialize. The walks will offer you the valuable opportunity to disconnect from everything and spend some time with your faithful friend.

4. Entertainment

Dogs are so much fun and they make us have a great time. At an early age, children enjoy their company. As we get older we have a partner with whom we can go for walks, exercise or play ball. They entertain us and allow us to spend great moments with them.

5. Liability

Having a dog, as we have already discussed, is a great responsibility. Therefore, they teach us great life lessons. You have to feed them, take them out to relieve themselves, educate them, etc. Having a dog requires discipline and motivation. Let's love dogs just like they love us.

6. Anxiety reduction

Spending all day thinking about problems is not healthy, living with a dog keeps your mind occupied with it and gives you all the love you want. Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional well-being through the unconditional love they give us; therefore, they are a great company and comfort for people who live alone.

7. A child's first love

For children it is very educational, it teaches them to be responsible, to have empathy, to take care of a living being, to know what love and affection are.

8. Therapeutic work

Animal Assisted Therapies (TAA) have helped many people to improve their lives in many areas, whether they are people with autism, with concentration problems, people with hearing or visual disabilities, etc. They are a therapeutic resource for all types of ages and help to achieve benefits and improvements in people.

9. Psychological benefits

Some dog therapies aim to help people deal with social isolation, nightmares, insomnia, anger... Also to deal with post-traumatic stress. Owning a dog can help people recover from personal trauma, such as the loss of a loved one.

10. Stress reduction

It is more than proven that dogs reduce stress levels. Petting a dog, playing with it, or noticing its love can reduce stress on a daily basis. Science shows that owning a dog lowers the stress-related hormone cortisol.

11. Security

Dogs can be an effective security system, in addition to alerting you to the presence of strangers, they are also protective of their owners. If you need help, it will be there to protect you. Without a doubt, thanks to them they increase your sense of security.

12. Increases immunity

Dog owners have a stronger immune system, it helps them stay well and spend less time overcoming illness and infection. Children who live with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and also expose us to more bacteria, which increases our immunity to them.

13. Exercise

If you have a routine with your dog, you will force yourself to exercise and not have a sedentary life because you will have to take him out for a walk or play sports.

14. Balance

Many studies affirm that dogs contribute to mental maturity because having them makes you responsible.

15. People with seizures

Dogs are currently being trained to recognize irregular behavior in humans and can help them in case of epileptic seizures. They are a great support at times like this.

16. Improves cardiovascular health

Living with a dog and taking care of it lowers blood pressure and heart rate because it relaxes us. Likewise, it also reduces cholesterol.

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