Do you know the myth that dogs are cold? It is important to know that this is not the case and can be dangerous for them.

First we have to know what our dog is like and what characteristics it presents; their fur, their physical condition, their age... These are factors that can make them more susceptible to drops in temperature.

CAUTION: Brachycephalic dogs are more prone to respiratory illness and therefore have trouble regulating temperature. They choke and catch cold more easily, such as the English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Pug or Boxer breeds.

No matter how healthy our animal is, just like people, in winter we are more prone to a drop in defenses and aggravate certain ailments and thus trigger arthritis problems or viral diseases typical of this time of year.

Certain situations we cannot control, but in a certain way, it is in our power to prevent this from happening, for this, we are going to give you some advice and care that must be taken with our dog in winter:

1. Schedule for walks or sports activities.

Just as in summer you have to avoid the hours of most sun exposure, in winter it is the opposite. It is essential to try to go for a walk or exercise in the hottest hours of the day. Thus, in addition to being more enjoyable, it will be the best way to provide them with vitamin D.

2. Review the weather situation.

Before going out into the street, it is convenient to look at what conditions we are going to be in; the temperature, if the ground is wet, if it rains or snows...
Just as we wrap up more, we also have to think about them. Whether we add an extra layer of coat will depend on the characteristics of the dog, its coat or age. A characteristic sign that the dog is cold are tremors, in this case, it should be added an extra layer of warmth since its own fur is not enough.
In the event that it has gotten wet, it will be necessary to dry its legs and body well when we get home and try to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

3. Food.

You have to feed them regularly, not because the cold arrives means that it is necessary to eat more. In the event that they are away from home, the ideal is to consult with the veterinarian, since they can advise us to give them an extra contribution of calories to counteract the cold.
As for hydration, it is essential that our dog has water at his disposal. If you are away from home, you have to check that it is not frozen. We have to control that it hydrates correctly.

4. Be careful with the fur.

For them, their fur is a cloak that helps them regulate body temperature, which is why it is very important to know how to take care of it correctly, to know how to use good products and to brush it often. If our dog has long hair, we must avoid cutting it at this time and if it is essential, cut it as little as possible.

5. Rest

Adequate sleep is critical to your well-being. It is very important that you sleep isolated from the ground to avoid catching cold, you also have to be in a warm place without drafts, and if we can also offer you a soft bed, even better, so you can rest your joints.

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