What is the difference between a collar and a harness for dogs?

The main difference between a collar and a dog harness is where pressure and control is exerted on the dog during walks or training.

Dog collars are placed around the neck and put pressure on the dog's neck when the leash is used to lead the dog. This can be uncomfortable and even painful for some dogs, especially if they pull a lot on the leash.

Dog harnesses, on the other hand, wrap around the dog's body and distribute the pressure of the leash over the entire bone structure of the dog. This can be more comfortable and safer for the dog, as pressure on the neck and windpipe is avoided, which can be especially important for small breed or brachycephalic (flat-nosed) dogs who are more likely to have problems. respiratory.

Additionally, some harnesses may have additional leash attachment points, allowing owners greater control over the dog and preventing pulling or jumping.

In summary, while collars are more common and may be suitable for some dogs, dog harnesses can be a more comfortable and safer option, especially for those with respiratory or neck problems.

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