Do you know that the same footwear is not suitable for all people? Well, the same thing happens with the choice of harness. In this blog we will talk about it.

It is very difficult to choose "the best harness for your dog" among so many options, so we have to pay close attention to the needs of our partner. To do this, we have to give importance to their size, their physical condition and also their behavior.

As you already know, the comfort of a dog with a harness is exceptional and it is safer since it has various adjustment areas. But as I have already told you, first we have to know what we want it for, how it behaves and what its size is.

What do I want the harness for?

It may seem like a silly question to you, but many times we use harnesses that do not correspond to the use for which they are used and, therefore, we force our dog to walk with discomfort and that can lead to stress behaviors. For example, harnesses that have three adjustment zones, neck, chest, and body, are designed for pulling activities, so going for a walk would not be recommended.
In the table below you can get an idea of ​​the activities that are recommended for each type of harness:

no-adjust harness DEMMY 2023 HARNESS GUIDE DRAWING

Not recommendable.

Harness with one adjustment point HARNESS WITH ONE ADJUSTMENT POINT

Not recommended because an area will not adjust to the dog's body. They tend to be restrictive to natural movement.

Harness with two adjustment points HARNESS WITH TWO ADJUSTMENT POINTS

Recommended for walks and sports activities.

Harness with three adjustment points HARNESS WITH THREE ADJUSTMENT POINTS

Recommended for pulling activities and escapist dogs.


How does our dog behave when doing an activity?
We have to take into account if our dog carries out the orders that we give them or not. If you do them, there is no problem in choosing the harness, but if not, we have to know that these harnesses do not correct them since they are so comfortable for them that, even if we give them a little pull so that they do not pull or stay next to us, they won't get it from the location of the strap grab buckle. If it is located high in the middle or further back, you will feel the pull on your body, so it will not stop, but if the buckle is more in the neck area, you will lose your balance when making a swing. Give it a little tug and it will stop, making it easier to teach and correct.

Buckle in the middle or back.


Front room.



Once we have reached this point in the blog and knowing everything that needs to be taken into account, we have to measure the dog to know exactly what size to choose.
As you know, it is very important that it fits the dog very well.
We must measure with a tape measure neck and chest and choose the corresponding size. If there is any doubt, it is always recommended to choose a larger size.
All items must go with a size chart to know what our partner is. In our case, the size table would be the following:

You can see our harnesses by clicking here .

I hope it has helped you to choose the right harness for your dog, whether it is small, medium or large. Any questions you can contact us through Instagram @demmy_oficial or by email demmyoficial@gmail.com


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